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At Shine Lawyers we know that dealing with emotional, physical, or sexual abuse can be an incredibly difficult process.

Suffering emotional, physical or sexual abuse can be an incredibly difficult process. Money can’t take away the pain. However, you may be entitled to compensation so you can obtain the care and support services you need in certain circumstances.

At Shine Lawyers NZ, we have expertise dealing with clients who have suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse. We are lucky to have the resources of a team of abuse law experts from our Australian office, as well as expert abuse law lawyers in New Zealand. These experts are here to help you. Our Australian team are some of the most experienced abuse lawyers in Australasia, and we will do all we can to help and support you through this time.

Australasia wide, Shine Lawyers have taken abuse claims against many types of organisations, including the state, churches, schools and universities as well as people in the workplace, guardians and carers.

The availability of compensation for abuse in New Zealand is more restricted at present than in Australia, but there are still avenues worth pursuing and we have the expertise and determination to pursue these for you.

If you or some you know has suffered abuse, you can contact us, and our trained and experienced team will treat your case with the strictest confidence. We can advise you on what options you have.

Time limits for abuse claims

Different time limits apply to abuse cases depending on the circumstances of the case. We recommend that you act as soon as possible to protect any rights you may have.

Shine Lawyers has experience in sexual abuse claims

In Australasia, Shine Lawyers have extensive experience, including taking cases against the following institutions:

  • HMAS Leeuwin Abuse
  • Brisbane Grammar School Abuse
  • Toowoomba Preparatory School Abuse
  • St Paul’s Anglican School Abuse
  • Neerkol Orphanage Abuse
  • St Vincent’s Orphanage (Nudgee) Abuse

If you or someone you know has suffered abuse you may be eligible for compensation, contact Shine Lawyers NZ today for a confidential, obligation-free consultation.


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